EZ Apps Ltd is promoted because we feel that the growth of Smart Phones and Mobile Internet / Data services will catalyse the next Generation of Mobile Apps.

EZ Apps Team believes that most businesses and business leaders will start looking for Mobile Apps that make their Business Life Easy!

EZ Apps will launch the Mobile Apps developed by us and we will also help Mobile Apps Developers in bringing their Apps and Ideas to market.

EZ Apps Ltd will review the mobile apps for all current platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc and will be published on EZ Apps Market

EZ Apps Ltd will also take up development of Mobile Apps for the corporate clients

Web site of EZ Apps and EZ Apps Market will go live in a short time. Please bookmark this page and visit us soon

If you wish to contact us, please write to us at the following address or by email:

EZ Apps Ltd.
Office Suite 27A,
23, Wharf Street,
London SE8 3GG
Phone: 0203 637 4999
Email: info@ezapps.co